Welcome to Holistic Hound

Welcome to Holistic Hound

Welcome to Holistic Hound

Welcome to Holistic Hound

Welcome to Holistic Hound

Welcome to Holistic Hound

Welcome to Holistic Hound

Welcome to Holistic Hound

About Us

Benefits of Massage


Stress and anxiety reduction. Dogs can get stressed or anxious. It could be from a new home, change in schedule or loud noises. No matter what the cause a massage can assist in easing your dog's tension and relax him/her into comfort and forgetting their worries.

Healing Aid. If your dog is injured a massage can help to rehabilitate, reduce pain and swelling, heal strains and sprains faster and keep scar tissue at a minimum. As always, include your vet in your decision to obtain massages for your pet.

Improves body functions. A massage can increase your dog's circluation, lower blood pressure, improve lymphatic fluid movement, strenghten the immune system, aid in digestion, stimulate kidney and liver, and encourage deeper breathing.

Promotes overall well-being. Just as when humans receive a massage, your dog will also feel refreshed, balance and reviatlized.

About Me

 My  name is Lisa Friedman, and I started Holistic Hound, inspired my dog, Guy, because I wanted to work with animals and enhance their lives as they have enhanced mine. 

I am trained to work with a variety of small animals but have a true passion for our canine friends. I have adopted three mix-breeds, three cats and I can’t imagine what life would have been without their friendship and love.    

I am a  longtime suppoter of several animal rescue non-profits, I am now helping and healing dogs through massage. They give us so much love, warmth, and care…and now I am looking forward to working with you to give that back to them!  

 I am trained through the Northwest Animal School of Massage, certified in:   

 Small animal maintenance massage 

Performance massage 

Physical therapy massage.  

Final Notes

I am fully insured and I am a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork .

 If your dog or cat is in pain, restless/stressed, older, recovering from injury or just would benefit from a relaxing massage delivered with love and a tender hand, please contact me and let’s get started!     


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